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Get your IQ score and discover your true intelligence in our most advanced and accurate online premium IQ test.

How our online IQ test measures your intelligence

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The TerraYou premium IQ Test accurately measures intelligence by assessing your ability to correctly answer questions on pattern recognition, visual perception, logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and verbal comprehension. Our carefully-curated questions vary in difficulty and are weighted accordingly. Your IQ score is then derived from how you perform in each area of testing. It’s that simple!

Why so many people choose our premium IQ test

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    Reliable results

    Curated by experts, our IQ test is designed to accurately measure your intelligence

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    Personal IQ certificate

    Access a range of premium features, including your personal IQ certificate and useful insights into each cognitive subcategory.

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    Trusted worldwide

    Join a growing global network of 3 million+ satisfied users and get your IQ score today!

What your IQ score really means

For many modern-day IQ tests, an IQ score of 100 is generally considered to be the average. People who fall above 100 are usually categorized somewhere on a scale ranging from above average to highly gifted, and those who fall below the 100 mark are deemed below average. There are many factors, be it social, environmental or biological, that may impact where an individual will fall on the scale. What is important to remember is that your IQ score can always be improved. At TerraYou, we believe that a deeper understanding of your cognitive strengths and weaknesses and the appropriate implementation of specific learning techniques can help to boost your score over time.


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April 9

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April 9

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Access a range of features

Get your exact IQ score:

Our IQ test consists of 50 carefully-crafted questions, designed to measure performance across different test areas. In order to accurately assess your intelligence and calculate your exact IQ score, you must answer all questions in order.

Collect your IQ Certificate:

Celebrate your achievement with our digital IQ certificate. With score included, this unique certificate can be personalized with your name and is available as a pdf for download via email.

Your result breakdown:

Gain detailed insights, practical advice, and tips on how to improve in each area of testing.

How to take the IQ Test

Our IQ test can be taken online on any device. It consists of 50 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in one session and cannot be paused. In each question, you will be given four possible answers to choose from. The test is not timed; however we recommend allowing at least 30-60 minutes to answer all questions. You cannot skip questions and come back to them later, however you can take the test as many times as you like.