Learn how to recognize your stress factors, underlying motivations, and the sources that charge you with our balance tests and tools.

Our Balance tests are designed to help you identify which areas of your life need the most attention and to support you in eliminating possible tension areas so that you can begin to bring things back into balance. With every test you will be asked to answer a series of questions in order for us to accurately assess which areas are off balance and need more care. You do not need to purchase or register to take any of our Balance tests. Simply pick from our list below and click to begin. We’re growing fast, so don’t forget to revisit this page often as we continuously update and expand our collection!

Mindfulness Test
Take control of the way you experience your life with the Mindfulness Test.
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Burnout Test
Feeling exhausted and emotionally drained? Take our free test to see if you could be suffering from burnout.
Ikigai Test
Measure your levels of ikigai and discover your joy with the TerraYou Ikigai Test. Find the focus you need to manifest your happiest self.
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