It’s that time of year to huddle down with a good book, so why not choose one that’s going to help you develop professionally? Here at TerraYou, we’ve published a book that will meet you wherever you are in your career and guide you through an abundance of recommendations, tangible techniques, and easy-to-use exercises to prepare you for the change you’re searching for in your professional life, no matter what it may be.

TerraYou has always been inspired to help people improve themselves and reach their true potential, as evidenced by the thousands who have reached out to us after benefitting from support on their journey to transform themselves into who they want to be. Like with all our resources, The Five Laws of Professional Success provides you with the toolkit you need to get your own momentum going to change your life for the better–it’s more than just a book, it’s a workbook offering success on your own terms.

Three areas of growth

Your emotional intelligence (EQ), cognitive ability (CA), and intelligence quotient (IQ) represent three types of skills that take you through life, both professionally and personally. For this reason, The Five Laws of Professional Success highlights these three areas and how you can develop each of them in turn to offer a holistic method of growing into who you want to be. By targeting and training each skill, you’ll find yourself prepared for any type of situation in the workplace. Whether connecting with colleagues in the canteen downstairs or putting together a presentation for a big client, you use aspects of each of these modes of thought daily.

If you’re curious about EQ, CA, and IQ and want to discover your current areas of strength prior to reading the book, take the respective quiz for each area for free in the Growth tab. Find out where you stand in each discipline and which areas you could develop further.

Growth in practice

“Easier said than done” is applicable for many aspects of professional life, but The Five Laws of Success  puts change in your hands by offering both techniques and exercises. The combination of the two is what sets The Five Laws apart, but what’s the difference between techniques and exercises?

Techniques are the skills themselves. Exercises are situations where you can apply them.

Our book gives you the chance to immediately practice techniques that are directly applicable to you regardless of your job role or career field, as each exercise is written with options for you to adapt it to fit to your specific situation and get the most out of every page.

Getting your hands on it

We believe that each of us has the drive and the ability within us to achieve more, and our resources can help you build your toolkit to truly thrive. So if you want to get your hands on the book, here’s how:

If you’re in the European Union, The Five Laws of Professional Success (and How to Harness Them) can be read on any of your devices with the Kindle app for 2.99 and is even part of Kindle Unlimited.

Create your own opportunities and follow them through!