Welcome to our Balance section, where harmony is the key to a fulfilling life. As you embark on your journey of self-discovery, it's essential to not only understand your personality, but also to nurture balance in every aspect of your being.

Ask yourself…

Do you find yourself feeling tired or overwhelmed? Or that there are never enough hours in the day? Have you neglected your needs, values, or priorities? If the answer is yes to any of these, it could be an indication that balance is missing in your life.

Experts say that in addition to being vital for happiness and health, leading a well-balanced life can increase productivity and professional success. True balance isn't about achieving perfection; rather, it's about cultivating harmony and self-awareness in the midst of life's complexities.

At TerraYou, we understand that maintaining balance is a continuous process, which is why we created this section. Our selection of tests is designed to help you identify sources of peace, as well as help you pinpoint the areas that may need more attention. Our tests are designed to shed light on facets of your life that may be lacking harmony and assist you in finding your way to true balance — as much as they are easy and fun to complete.

Embracing Mindfulness

Our Mindfulness Test invites you to discover how well you perform in all three aspects of mindfulness: presence, awareness, and acceptance.

Through Mindfulness practice, you can learn to quiet the noise of the outside world, tune into your inner voice, and navigate life with clarity and intention.


Managing Stress Levels

At various points in our lives, we all experience stress. But have you considered the possibility that you might be undergoing a level of stress that is affecting your wellbeing? Our Stress Levels Test offers insight into the amount of pressure you’re under, helping you identify potential triggers and adopt healthy coping mechanisms.


Discovering your Ikigai

Originating from Japanese culture, Ikigai represents the intersection of what drives you, what you’re good at, what brings your life value, and the good you bring into the world — the secret to a fulfilling life. To dive deep into the wisdom of Ikigai, we created 2 tests to help you uncover your unique purpose.

By aligning your actions with your Ikigai, you can experience a profound sense of satisfaction and joy in everything you do.

> Ikigai 1> Ikigai 2

Your journey of self-discovery

Now that you know which tests can help you embark on the path to Balance, take the first step today by exploring our collection. Embrace the enjoyment of a balanced life!