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The desire to journey into the Self and truly understand who we are isn’t a novel concept.

In fact, as far back as 7th century BCE, travelers to the Temple of Apollo were greeted with the famous maxim “know thyself” as they entered. While ancient Greek philosophers have interpreted these words of wisdom in many ways—from “know your limits” to “know your soul” and “know your body”—one thing is clear: the pursuit of self-exploration and understanding has been with us for almost all human history.

Jump to the present with its abundance of ways of life, varying societal norms, and countless (sometimes contradicting) instructions across media about how to live up to your full potential. The very idea of self-exploration seems like an overwhelming task. But it doesn't have to be.

The first thing to rid yourself of is the notion that becoming who you want to be happens quickly. Everything worth doing takes time, and growth is a never-ending journey that is as individual as we ourselves are.

The TerraYou Philosophy

These beliefs lie at the very heart of TerraYou.

We are certain that through self-awareness, everyone has the potential to thrive. We have made it our mission to help you navigate your path of self-discovery and understand the layered aspects of your personality. To achieve this, we provide you with an array of tests, toolkits, and resources that are designed to accommodate your unique needs. Each of us is a complex being, which is why our three pillars of Discovery, Balance, and Growth work together to allow everyone to evolve holistically.

Discovery is designed to help you find direction by understanding who you are and providing guidance on how to leverage this understanding to grow as a person.

Balance examines which areas of your life need the most attention and supports you in eliminating possible tension areas so that you can begin to bring things back to equilibrium.

Growth will help you understand your core strengths in order to grow intellectually and emotionally. Find out how to strategically employ your strengths in your career, your intellectual development, and your relationships with others.

So many choices…let’s get started!

Of course, you can browse the TerraYou website and start your journey of self-discovery wherever you like—each test will lead you to resources to learn more about yourself and how to improve.  

If you’re feeling unsure where to begin, start with our Introduction Test. It will guide you through a brief 21 questions that get to the heart of what you’re looking for and will direct you to the pillar that best meets your needs and benefits you most.

Navigating TerraYou

The TerraYou website makes it easy to find exactly what you’re after.

The Discovery, Balance, and Growth tabs will take you to whichever pillar you’re looking to develop, and new tests are added now and again, so be sure to revisit often. Don’t miss the Gift Card tab to redeem yours—or to give the gift of self-fulfillment to someone you care about!

In our pursuit to offer life-long learning, we’ve recently added a(n expanding) library of articles for you to deepen your knowledge about topics related to our three pillars. Find fascinating tidbits from EQ and leadership qualities to intriguing tangents about how high AI scores on IQ tests.

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Take-aways from TerraYou Tests

The tests on TerraYou are varied, but the underlying principle is the same. For personality tests, trust your gut for the best answer. However, don't rely solely on instinct when taking the IQ Test or the Cognitive Abilities Test. These types of tests require you to pick the correct answer using logic, knowledge, and deductive skills.

Once you’re finished, we analyze your answers. Each test uses an algorithm to calculate your personal result, tailormade to accommodate the specific parameters and requirements of the respective test.

In an instant, you'll be presented with your free result and initial insights. If this piques your interest and you wish to dive deeper and learn more, we've got you covered:

Most of our tests come with an optional premium result report that is available as a downloadable PDF. The premium report expands on your results and tells you how specifically to develop and apply your growth to your everyday life.

You can purchase your premium report right from the free result page. It will be delivered to you via e-mail, and if you have a TerraYou account, it will also be saved there.

The TerraYou Effect

In this relentlessly demanding world, TerraYou offers a safe space to explore who you are, teaches you to thrive against all odds, and guides you to evolve in ways that send ripples into your personal and professional life.

Take the Introduction Test on TerraYou now and begin your journey to know thyself!