Discovery is not just about stumbling upon something new. It’s about actively seeking out and uncovering the depths of your own identity — the practice of peeling back the layers of your personality to reveal the core traits and tendencies that make you unique.

Explore your individuality

There are several renowned tests that allow you to find your distinct personality traits and learn about the different ways they influence each area of your life. To achieve this, we focus on three tests: The Archetype Test, The Enneagram Test, and The Big Five Test.

These tests offer a comprehensive exploration of who you are, each providing unique insights into different aspects of your character. Years of research and user feedback helped our company reach a new level of precision to evaluate your personality.

The Archetype Test

Inspired by the work of psychiatrist Carl Jung, The Archetypes Personality Test helps you discover which of the 12 archetypes dominates your identity. This tool will help unlock your potential and guide you in gaining a deeper understanding of your personal and professional goals.


The Enneagram Test

The TerraYou Enneagram Test explores nine distinct personality types and sheds light on behavioral patterns, fears, desires, and motivations.

The Enneagram Test consists of multiple-choice questions designed to cover all aspects of personality and behavior, building a thorough picture of your Enneagram type.


The Big Five Test

You may also decide to explore the different parts of your personality with the Big Five Test. With the enhanced TerraYou approach to the Big Five, we consider not only the Big Five traits but also their counterparts, which allows for a more comprehensive understanding of individual personality dynamics.

The test will give you an instant result that determines your dominant trait as well as provide you with perspectives into what really drives your relationships, career, and personal interests.


Taking the first step

Understanding your true self unlocks your power. By uncovering your personality traits, you can gain insight into areas of your life such as your strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. It empowers you to build healthier relationships both professionally and personally by recognizing how your actions and tendencies impact those around you.

Ready to embark on your journe­­y of self-discovery?